About Us

Hi, I'm Kyra Miller and I am the founder of The Macramé Loft.

I am a mother of two kiddies, Isabella 5 and Ashton 3.

While I love being a mum, along the way I lost who I was and I had no idea what I loved to do for myself anymore. I needed to find a hobby that would help me on my way to find that confident, fun, loving woman I use to know.

It started with asking my mum to teach me how to crochet as she sat there most nights making blankets. I found it therapeutic but it didn't quite suit me.

I came across the beautiful art of Macramé and couldn't wait to try it! I found some tutorials, did a little workshop, bought some supplies and the rest is history!

It gives me such a feeling of pride, accomplishment and sense of inner peace when i create and finish a piece. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for years and i have finally found something that helps calm my mind and gives me another purpose other than being a mummy which I think is so important.

I love doing 1 off pieces and letting the cotton take me on a journey, even if it means doing, undoing then re doing over again. No piece will ever be exactly the same and thats what I love about it.


I hope you enjoy,


Love Kyra :) xx